je suis parisienne, je suis chrétienne, je suis juive, je suis musulmane, je suis humaine.

about this past weekend:

i’ve seen many tweets that say: “So many humans, no humanity”. the attacks all over the wold are horrible, yes, but only done by a very very little amount of people. by people who think in such a strange way. these people may not have any feelings of humanity in them, but we all do. people, who help, people who send condolences, people who pray, people whose thoughts are with the victims. We stand together, we try to do our best to help and show our solidarity, our fear and our bravery.

if that’s not humanity, I don’t know what is.

the world is not bad, dear reader! the world is a wonderful place, but unfortunately with terrible things happening. all we can do is believe in kindness, braveness and humanity to stay together, to think together and to act together for a safe tomorrow.

in every human there’s humanity, why do we call it like that other wise? i don’t say, that what these people did and do, blowing bombs up, shooting innocent people, either in Paris or Baghdad or Lebanon or Syria, are acceptable or to defend – i have friends in both places, Paris and Baghdad – i say that in every human being is darkness and light, and maybe some of us can’t find the right door to the light. but humanity is everywhere.  that’s why i chose the pictures of my sister for this post. a child – purest human being.



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