i went outside with my sister this weekend, she’s 5. it was probably the last really warm and really sunny day of this year – almost  20 degrees celsius! today, as i’m typing this, it’s dark outside, 5 degrees and i lit up my candles earlier this afternoon. i don’t like the cold season. i don’t like the darkness. it makes me feeling depressed. i am not though. i don’t suffer from depression, fortunately. i mean, yes, there are days i can’t lift myself up to do anything, but i think it’s my winter depression thing. and my missing people thing. those days, i am sad, but not depressed. i don’t know how it is to have depression, so i can’t really say that, right? well, let’s just say that i am sad sometimes, for myself. but in public, you only hear me laugh. my laugh is fantastic. back to the darkness. i just hate it when it’s dark outside when i leave for school and dark outside when i go home at four. that’s all, i can’t really explain it though.



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